About Campofrio

Comfort Food From A "Cold Field"

Conserva Campofrio was founded by Don José Luis Ballvé in 1952 in the town of Burgos, in northern Spain. In Spanish, Campofrio means “cold field”—which tells you everything you need to know about our region’s climate. It’s the ideal environment for curing ham.

Don José had a great eye for detail and a very good understanding of what his fellow Spaniards wanted. Thanks to his great passion and vision, Ballvé’s regional slaughterhouse expanded to include meat processing.

Over the following decades, Campofrio grew into the company it is today—one of Spain’s top three brands and the world’s largest manufacturer of Jamón Serrano. On any given day, a Campofrio product can be found in over 70% of Spanish homes.

Campofrio is part of Sigma’s brands portfolio. Sigma is a global food company dedicated to bring local favorite foods to communities everywhere. With presence in 18 countries worldwide, Sigma offers quality food at a range of price points and across diverse categories.