Spanish Ham

Quality Is Our Most Important Tradition

The process of making our Spanish hams is the same as it has been for centuries. It all starts with selecting the finest pigs because they are the source of flavor. The better the pig, the better the ham!

We then preserve the meat through salting, dry curing and aging. The salted legs are layered with sea salt because it dissolves more slowly and helps avoid excessive salting. After the hams are brushed and washed, they are hung in drying chambers to begin the dry-curing process.

Spain’s climate is what made the region’s cured hams so famous. It’s the ideal setting for slowly dry-curing hams the natural way. Today, we continue to cure our hams in the cool mountain air for our exquisite Jamón Ibérico. We’ve also pioneered a seven-month curing process in low temperatures with high humidity for our Jamón Serrano that carefully replicates Spain’s mountain air.

After curing, our hams are placed in cellars to mature and develop extraordinary organoleptic attributes. The amount of time in the cellars, which can last from five to eight months, is based on the individual requirement of each ham. Each one is carefully checked by one of 28 highly trained Caladores. They are our gatekeepers, ensuring only the best jamón makes its way to your plate.