Jamón Serrano

(hah-MOAN seh-RAH-noe)

Centuries of Tradition In Every Rich Bite

What happens when you select the finest pork hindquarters, bury them in sea salt and then dry-cure them in mountain-air conditions for nearly a year and a half? You get the deep, nutty flavor that can come only from Jamón Serrano. As the world’s largest maker of Jamón Serrano, Campofrio brings an unmatched level of expertise and craftsmanship to this unique style of ham.

Our four-stage curing system precisely controls temperatures, humidity and airflow to mimic all four seasons of the Spanish mountains—enabling us to create the “perfect year” for Jamón Serrano, year in and year out.


At A Glance:

  • The traditional dry-cured ham of Spain
  • Cured for at least 16 months
  • Source pigs are hand-selected for the ideal fat and muscle profile
  • 100% vegetarian feed made from sunflower, corn, sugar beet, forage, etc.
  • Guaranteed traceability from farm to finished product
  • Produced from USDA-approved slaughterhouses