Savory Flavors From The Most Precious Part Of The Pig

There’s a good reason why lomo embuchado is the prized offering of the finest carnicerí­as (butchers’ shops) in Spain. Made from the loin of the pig, it is famously savory and harder to obtain than other specialty meats. After all, there are two hams per animal, but only one loin!

Lomo embuchado is produced from the loin, which is gently marinated in a mixture of traditional herbs and spices including oregano, garlic and sweet pimentón. The marinated loin is stuffed in a casing and is air-dried for three to four months. This process enables the lomo to retain its lightness, while also making it delicately flavorful.

At A Glance:

  • Made from pork tenderloin
  • Dry-cured with oregano, garlic and sweet pimentón
  • Lean, tender and naturally low in fat