Chorizo Sarta Dulce and Picante


The Power Of Pimentón

Our chorizo’s distinct flavor and deep red color come from dried, smoked red Spanish peppers called pimentón. You may know it by another name: paprika. The peppers were introduced to Spain by Christopher Columbus, who presented them to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella upon his return from the New World. The royals fell in love with the amazing flavors made possible by these peppers, and they were soon cultivated throughout Spain. We use world-renowned oak-smoked paprika from southwestern Spain in our Chorizo Clásico and Chorizo Sarta Dulce and hot paprika in our Chorizo Sarta Picante.


At A Glance:

  • Coarse-ground pork sausage
  • Color and flavor come from dried pimentón (paprika)
  • Used in tapas, sandwiches and cooking